• You're the Publisher of your own book!
  • You will get 100% Royalty
  • Reasonable price of the book
  • Paperback and E-Book Format
  • Cover Design
  • Content Evaluation
  • Interior Layout and Formatting
  • Back Cover Copyedit
  • ElectronicGalley
  • ISBN Assignment
  • Library of Congress Registration
  • Worldwide Print Distribution


You receive an announcement listing in Publisher's Weekly, the monthly supplement dedicated to the self-publishing industry and bound into the print and digital editions of Publishers Weekly.

Your book will be featured in Publisher's Weekly for 6 Editions. Your PW Select Listing includes your book cover, a brief description of your book, and on-sale information. When you subscribe to PW, you can really feel you're an author.

In signing up for PW Select, you will see your book featured on the home pages of both and The following month, you'll see your book featured in the BookLife Report email newsletter, which reaches over 18,000 subscribers. Soon after that your book will be featured on BookLife's Facebook and Twitter channels. And in the month following your submission, you'll see your book listed in Publishers Weekly -- and you'll receive a print copy of the issue in which it's listed.


Have your books reviewed by renowned critics in the industry, and this can be your winning ticket in Publishing. A Book Review is critical for any book' sucess. It gives you a definite edge over countless other authors waiting to be heard.

Objective reviews benefit readers as much as authors. Tell your potential readers and target consumers why they should grab your book by getting a real review from a highly credible source.

Get a professional opinion about your work and allow your book to stand out. A well-written, honest and professional review of your book written by well-respected and highly accomplished critics and can be used to add more credibility and gain readers attention.


The success of your self-published book will ultimately be determined by your ability to rise above the competition and grab the attention of your potential buyers. And let’s face it—with all the books currently on the market, there are a lot of titles competing for your readers’ attention. To stand out from the crowd, we will have a professional Screenplay Writer create a Book Treatment for your book.

A Book Treatment is a thoroughly developed 10-15 pages long-form pitch that outlines how your book can be made into a fully developed screenplay. It decribes all the major scenes or sequences in the movie in prose form, and it will then be submitted to Hollywood professionals.


An Author Website is imperative for authors because this will serve as a basic foundation, and this is where readers and interested individuals can learn about you, your book and your characters. Having a website is branding you as an author. We will make sure your book and author brand will stand out.

As we know, it is very essential for authors to have an online presence. It has a huge influence for book lovers make purchasing decisions. And once your credibility is built, positive word-of-mouth about your book is likely to spread. And then in turn, it would be easier to promote and market your other or next books.

We will help you boost your online presence. And it is accessible 24/7/365 - so it would be convenient for your potential buyers to browse online. Your website will make you visible 24/7/365.


Social Media Marketing, , like Facebook, Twitter, Good Reads and Instagram, makes it easier for you to be connected to a broad audience of buyers. Your book gains more opportunities for conversion. Every blog post, image, video, or comment may lead viewers to your book’s website and increase traffic. This gives you an edge from your competitors.

Building your online presence is the best thing you can do for your We will build your author portfolio and credibility by increasing its fan base visibility. We educate our authors on how to continue to manage social media by constantly engaging with readers through text, visuals and graphics.

This helps you grab the attention of those who might buy the book and generate a significant number of buyers for bookstores and power players in the retail industry.


  • 20-25 Minutes Interview, a perfect opportunity for you to talk about your book
  • This interview will give you the credibility that you need, and your brand as an author
  • Guaranteed Placement on YouTube, Google Play, Podomatic, iTunes, Spotify -- Links will be provided for you
  • You own full rights to the video and you may use it for your books' promotion


Book Displays are perfect opportunities to increase readership and book sales. It is a guaranteed physical exposure of your book in front of thousands of book enthusiasts. We will bring your book directly to publishers, book traders, authors, librarians, literary agents, book enthusiasts, and other publishing professionals.

With the latest technologies in expert hands, we’ll bring your book to the spotlight. for librarians, publishers, literary agents, or even people from the media who’s looking for fresh new titles.

You'd be rubbing elbows with people who are hungry for books to savor or books to invest.